CHU Brugmann CHU Brugmann's last news en-GB CHU Brugmann 400 100 Cardiac Rehabilitation Center on the Queen Astrid site (french version)]]>The new Center has opened its doors early 2017.2/17/2017Volunteering at Brugmann : balance sheet and prospects (french version)]]>In recent years, the evolution of the voluntary activity within the hospital continues its positive momentum.2/9/2017CHU Brugmann's 36th Orthopedic Day (french version)]]>Organized by the Department of Prof. Tamas IllÚs, on the topic of shoulder surgery.2/1/2017Around the hospital : back to the source (french version)]]>The hospital, a place full of stories. The hospital, a place to protect.1/10/20177th pluridisciplinary symposium "News about dysphagia and nutrition" (french version)]]>Organized by the Department of ORL.1/9/2017Rejuvenating process for the Sterilization Department (french version)]]>Renovation work has been done to revive the infrastructure from top to bottom.1/5/2017Meeting the "PGs" of the Osiris campus (french version)]]>Each year, the Brugmann University Hospital hosts postgraduates (PGs), young doctors in training.12/30/2016Rapid Recovery (french version)]]>An easier and faster period of convalescence, with less pain.12/23/2016The outcomes approach, to put oneself in the skin of the patient (french version)]]>The objective is to assess the quality of care provided to patients based on their point of view.12/1/2016A smart app to monitor your pregnancy (french version)]]>The CHU Brugmann is looking for future mothers and/or dads to test the new Yagram mobile app.11/17/2016