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Direction committee Function Sector Secretariat
Caroline FRANCKX Caroline FRANCKX Chief executive officer General directorate +32 (0)2 477.39.09
Marie DE VOS Marie DE VOS Director of the nursing and paramedical department Nursing and paramedical department +32 (0)2 477.39.14
Olivier VERMYLEN Olivier VERMYLEN Chief medical officer / Chief doctor Medical directorate +32 (0)2 477.39.16
Gaëtan BONNY Gaëtan BONNY HR director Human resources
Didier HOORNAERT Didier HOORNAERT Chief financial officer Financial directorate
Thérèse LOCOGE Thérèse LOCOGE Chief legal officer Legal department (CHUBxl)
Eric RENIERE Eric RENIERE Director of support departments Support departments +32 (0)2 477.35.74
Priam VAN EECKHOUT Priam VAN EECKHOUT Chief operating officer Operations management +32 (0)2 477.27.95
Marc VAN TREEL Marc VAN TREEL IT director IT directorate +32 (0)2 477.39.37
Géraldine LE MAIRE Géraldine LE MAIRE Person in charge of HR Human resources +32 (0)2 477.90.09

Other statuary or legal organs

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