>>"Let's talk about kidney stones" : Online Academy 2023-2024


Based on the present state of the art, the international guidelines prescribe two management steps to reduce kidney stone recurrence. Both steps also require specialized educational and specific clinical training for medical doctors and nurses. Both steps are rather complex and require extensive time, training, and human resources, which is in high contrast with the recent development/objectives of the Health Sector to make a shift toward more efficient care in the hospitals, care-at-home, or telehealth concepts. However, the academic curriculum of physicians and specialists trained in most European and American universities do not adapt yet their educational programs to tackle the epidemiological evidence of an urgent need for more health providers able to correctly assess KSD.

For this reason, CHU Brugmann's CLIREMM (Clinique de la lithiase rénale et du métabolisme minéral) is proposing the 4th year of online Academy 2023-2024, "Let's talk about kidney stones," which bridges the gap between knowledge and practice. Our aim is to share the knowledge within the community of healthcare professionals interested in the improvement of understanding of kidney stone disease pathophysiology to update the skills in the assessment, treatment and follow-up of the kidney stone formers.

The scientific program has been prepared in collaboration with worldwide experts from International Collaborative Network on Kidney Stones (ICONEKT).

This year, we will be continuing to focus on the gaps between pathophysiological findings and the clinical management of patients with kidney stones.

Speaker's team and organizer

Hospital Universitaire Brugmann, Kidney Stone Clinic, Brussels, Belgium
Agnieszka.Pozdzik|AT|chu-brugmann.be & Gina.Reichmann|AT|chu-brugmann.be

UT Southwestern, Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, USA
Khashayar.Sakhaee|AT|utsouthwestern.edu & Naim.Maalouf|AT|utsouthwestern.edu

Program of webinars

Date Topic Speaker Chairman
12 October 2023 Type of human stones James Williams M.D., Ph.D., Indianapolis, USA Fleur Wolf, BsC, Ph.D., Brussels, Belgium
16 November 2023 Renal citrate physiology Agnieszka Pozdzik, M.D., Ph.D., Brussels, Belgium Khashayar Sakhaee, M.D., Dallas, TX, USA
7 December 2023 Kidney stones, hyperoxaluria and diet William Roberston Bs.C., Ph.D., Cambridge, UK David Tovbin, M.D., Ph.D., Afula, Israel
11 January 2024 Dent, Bartter and other rare genetic causes of stone disease John Sayer M.D., Ph.D., Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Daniel Fuster, M.D., Ph.D., Bern, Switzerland
8 February 2024 An interpretation of 24 urine collection Olivier Bonny  M.D., Ph.D., Lausanne, Switzerland Sara Best  M.D., Madison, USA
14 March 2024 Animal models of urolithiasis John Lieske MD, BsC., Ph.D., Rochester, USA Agnieszka Pozdzik  M.D., Ph.D., Brussels, Belgium
11 April 2023 Calcium stones and bone disorder Naim Maalouf, M.D., Dallas, TX, USA Anja Pfau, M.D., Ph.D., Berlin, Germany
02 May 2024 Drug-Induced stones Michel Daudon, Ph.D. Paris, France (waiting  confirmation) James Williams, M.D., Ph.D., Indianapolis, USA
27 June 2024 Indication and contraindication of endo-urological procedures Sara Best  M.D., Madison, USA Gina Reichmann M.D.,  Brussels, Belgium
04 July 2024 Renal tubular acidosis: pathophysiology and medical management Giovanni Gambaro, MD, PhD, Verona, Italy Shabir Moochhala M.D., Ph.D., London, UK

The monthly virtual meetings on Thursday 06:00 PM CET (Central European Time) corresponding to 11:00 AM Central Standard Time (CST) in the U.S. will include:

  • a lecture given by one of remarkable teachers and speakers followed by
  • a question-answer session.

How to join the "Online Class Academy"?

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SPF/INAMI for Belgian accreditation has been requested.

More questions about the program of "Let's talk about kidney stones" Academy?

Please mail secretariat-nephrodialyse|AT|chu-brugmann.be or Agnieszka.Pozdzik|AT|chu-brugmann.be