>>Brugmann in numbers

Overviews Horta site Brien site Astrid site Total
Number of recognized beds 631 126 96 853 beds
Surface area 18 ha (park) / 175.000 m2 (buildings) 25.208 m2 4.307 m2  
Water consumption 140.000 m3/year 20.000 m3/year  
Gas consumption 40 GWh/year  
Electricity consumption 18 GWh/year 3,1 GWh/year  
Heat consumption 23 GWh/year 3,15 GWh/year  
Personnel Horta site Brien site Astrid site Total
Employees   4.750
Full-time equivalents 2050 350 100 2.500 FTE
Doctors   415 FTE
Nursing and paramedical staff   1300 FTE
Administrative staff   480 FTE
Technicians and workpeople   305 FTE
Hospital activity
Hospital activity Horta site Brien site Astrid site Total
Admissions One Day Surgery not included 24.500/year
Hospital days One Day Surgery included 220.500/year
Medical consultations 237.500/year 64.000/year 2.500/year 304.000/year
Non-medical consultations   62.000/year
Emergencies 34.500/year 29.500/year   64.000/year
MEU deployments   3.000/year   3.000/year
Deliveries   2.750/year
Dialyses 16.500/year 7.000/year   23.500/year
Medical day hospitalizations 5.000/year 600/year   5.600/year
Physiotherapy sessions   198.000/year