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Radiological examinations: information sheets for patientsRadiological examinations: information sheets for patients (this brochure in : french / dutch)
Precautions, preparation, procedure, results: find out more about radiological examinations.
Online since 17/02/2023
ScintigraphyScintigraphy (this brochure in : french / dutch)PDF
Scintigraphy is an imaging technique used in nuclear medicine to explore all organs.
Online since 01/04/2022
OsteodensitometryOsteodensitometry (this brochure in : french / dutch)PDF
Bone densitometry uses x-rays to assess the strength of your skeleton…
Online since 01/04/2022
Vademecum of diagnostic nuclear medicineVademecum of diagnostic nuclear medicine (this brochure in : french / dutch)
For use by clinicians.
Online since 01/04/2022
Radiation protection instructions for diagnostic examinations (Tc99m, I123, F18)Radiation protection instructions for diagnostic examinations (Tc99m, I123, F18) (this brochure in : french / dutch)PDF
Radiation protection recommendations in pictures.
Online since 12/10/2020
Cardiac diet FDG PET-CTCardiac diet FDG PET-CT (this brochure in : french / dutch)PDF
I have to have a PET-scan of my heart. What should I eat the two days before?
Online since 12/10/2020
9 months at the maternity ward9 months at the maternity ward (this brochure in : french / dutch)
The stages of your pregnancy.
Online since 16/07/2019
Maternity: pre- and postnatal guidanceMaternity: pre- and postnatal guidance (this brochure in : french / dutch)PDF
This brochure will serve as a guide throughout your pregnancy monitoring.
Online since 21/05/2019
Dysphagia in 10 questionsDysphagia in 10 questions (this brochure in : french / dutch)PDF
Dysphagia is the medical term for the symptom of difficulty in swallowing.
Online since 06/05/2013
Giving birth by caesarian sectionGiving birth by caesarian section (this brochure in : french / dutch)
Be well prepared to this type of intervention.
Online since 10/01/2010
Your baby is in the breech positionYour baby is in the breech position (this brochure in : french / dutch)
And what now ?
Online since 10/01/2010
CHU Brugmann's Fibroid CenterCHU Brugmann's Fibroid Center
Diagnosis and treatment of uterine fibroids.
Online since 26/06/2009
Handbook of anticoagulationHandbook of anticoagulation (this brochure in : french / dutch)
Because the number of patients under oral anticoagulants augments every year.
Online since 16/06/2008
The 10 commandments of good energy usageThe 10 commandments of good energy usage (this brochure in : french / dutch)
Rational Use of Energy : CHU Brugmann is mobilized.
Online since 10/10/2007
Bedsores : understand, prevent, take careBedsores : understand, prevent, take care (this brochure in : french / dutch)
Bedsores are painful, hard to heal, but avoidable.
Online since 25/11/2005
Thrombophilias and preventionThrombophilias and prevention (this brochure in : french / dutch)
Understanding the disease and its treatment.
Online since 24/09/2004
Fertility-sterility and andrologyFertility-sterility and andrology (this brochure in : french / dutch)
Help the patients with betterunderstanding the problems of fertility.
Online since 21/09/2004
Breast cancer : reconstruction and oncoplastic surgeryBreast cancer : reconstruction and oncoplastic surgery (this brochure in : french / dutch)
Mammary reconstruction is accessible to very patient operated for breast cancer. Several techniques exist.
Online since 19/05/2004

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