>>Patients' charter

As a member of the Brussels public hospitals network IRIS, the CHU Brugmann inform you about its commitments to you through a "Patients' Charter".
In return, you are asked to observe certain rules…

We undertake to :

Patients' charter
  • provide the best possible care for you with a high quality staff and modern and efficient technical equipment ; 
  • relieve your pain as best we can ; 
  • protect and respect your person, privacy and life ;
  • take into account your social situation, culture, religion and philosophy ; 
  • maintain the link with your general practitioner and with all other persons who provide you with care ; 
  • keep all medical and social information confidential ; 
  • give you a choice of accepting or refusing an examination, therapy or treatment ; 
  • secure you the right to confide this choice to a person of trust whom you designate ; 
  • ensure that a doctor of your choice can peruse your medical file ; 
  • apprise you clearly of the name and profession of those taking care of you ; 
  • inform you with precision about the foreseeable cost of examinations, treatments and stay ; 
  • issue a clear and accurate invoice to you ; 
  • put you in contact with a social worker or mediator, where necessary ; 
  • receive, listen to and follow up on your remarks, proposals and complaints.

We ask you to :

  • cooperate and participate in the examinations, therapies and treatments ; 
  • respect the privacy and well-being of others in the hospital, the hospital staff, their work, equipment used and our premises, the hospital's rules of procedures (appointment hours, visiting hours, silence, hygiene, safety, prohibitions on access, no smoking) ; 
  • behave and be dressed decently everywhere and at all times ; 
  • be identifiable as of admission for your security and with a view to a satisfactory treatment relationship ; 
  • keep your face uncovered for identification purposes: the forehead, nose and chin must be entirely uncovered, and if possible, the hair and ears too ; 
  • communicate your personal details with precision: your surname, forename(s), address and date of birth and your affiliation to a friendly society or insurance ; 
  • give us your consent to share your personal information necessary to make a diagnosis, treat and care for you with the members of the IRIS network staff, in strict compliance with medical secrecy ; 
  • pay your bills as promptly as possible.

We hope that your stay in the IRIS hospital network will be as comfortable as possible, and that you will be satisfied with the care and with all the hospital staff.
We can improve the quality of the care we provide by acting together.