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Direction committee Function Sector Secretariat
Caroline FRANCKX Caroline FRANCKX Chief executive officer General directorate +32 (0)2 477.39.09
Marie DE VOS Marie DE VOS Director of the nursing and paramedical department Nursing and paramedical department +32 (0)2 477.39.14
Pierre WAUTHY Pierre WAUTHY Chief medical officer / Head of department Heart surgery +32 (0)2 477.39.95 / 477.39.16
Didier HOORNAERT Didier HOORNAERT Chief financial officer Financial directorate
Thérèse LOCOGE Thérèse LOCOGE Chief legal officer Legal department (CHUBxl)
Eric RENIERE Eric RENIERE Director of support departments Support departments +32 (0)2 477.35.74
Priam VAN EECKHOUT Priam VAN EECKHOUT Chief operating officer Operations management +32 (0)2 477.27.95
Marc VAN TREEL Marc VAN TREEL IT director IT directorate +32 (0)2 477.39.37
Olivier VERMYLEN Olivier VERMYLEN Chief doctor Medical directorate +32 (0)2 477.39.16
Géraldine LE MAIRE Géraldine LE MAIRE Person in charge of HR Human resources +32 (0)2 477.90.09

Other statuary or legal organs

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