>>Viewing medical imaging online

Imaging portal

The secured online imaging portal of the CHU Brugmann allows you and your physician to view the results of your examination.

If you are a patient

You can login here using the access code and control code mentioned on the document you received during your visit to the medical imaging department.
Alternatively, you can entrust your physician to do this for you by handing over this document during a future consultation.

If you are a physician

  • If you have subscribed to MediBridge/MediMail, you will receive a secure link and the access codes to the imaging portal together with the report of the examination.
  • If you have not subscribed to MediBrige/MediMail, the Radiology department can provide you access codes along with the report of the requested examination.

Need help ?

Click herePDF for a short manual on how to log in and accessing the most important functions of the portal.

You lost your access codes ?

In case you lost your access code and control code, please contact the designated imaging unit to have these codes deactivated.
Should you require new access codes, please present yourself in person to the reception of the Medical Imaging Department.

Questions ?

For any medical question, please consult your physician.
Should you require further information on how to review your medical images, or would you like to share suggestions, please fill in our contact form.